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Sent to Rieko
Cover letterdone1/28/2015yes
Itemized budget justificationdone1/17/2015budget justification: examples for supplies and otheryes
Send upload address to recommendersdone1/26/2015n/a
Recommendation lettersrequests sent 1/3; waiting2/12/2015send reminder on 2/1n/a
Advisory committee letters - Edrequest sent 1/5; waiting1/28/2015send reminder on 1/23
Advisory committee letters - Larryrequest sent 1/5; done1/28/2015yes
Advisory committee biosketch - Edrequested 1/201/28/2015
Advisory committee biosketch - Larryrequested 1/201/28/2015yes
RCR documentdrafted1/28/2015add note re: 3 lab mtgs/year dedicated to RCR issuesno
Modify bibliography styledone1/28/2015n/a
Choose font (Helvetica or Georgia)done1/28/2015n/a
Approachdone1/28/2015siimplify numbering system on aims/subaims; rework innovation section; add s-cone voronoi figure (if possible);no
Public health relevance statement1/28/2015no
Aimsdone1/28/2015shorten by 25%no
Background/Career goals/Training plandone1/28/2015no
Mentor's letterdone1/28/2015yes
Jack's biosketchdone1/28/2015yes
List of scientific terms1/28/2015no
Protection of human subjects1/28/2015no
Inclusion of women and minorities1/28/2015no
Inclusion of children1/28/2015no
Include an allusion to several audacious goals1/28/2015See http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/rfa-files/RFA-EY-14-001.htmlno